Remediate pipe infrastructure you already have. . . for a lower cost, faster turnaround, and no major disassembly.

Corrosion Inspection

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Basic Services

  • Tracing and Identification
  • Visual Inspection
  • Camera Inspection

Additional Available Services

  • NDT gauging (Wall Thickness gauging)
  • Samples of Sulfides
  • Samples of Manganese
  • Samples of corrosive biofouling
  • Pipe sent for additional laboratory testing

External Pipe Repair

When pipe system physical condition is in doubt, wall thickness is measured using manual or electronic means to discover the average thickness and general condition. It is recommended that piping me inspected having less than 15-20% of original wall thickness are replaced. In instances where isolated pinholes (1.5≤mm) are present within otherwise suitable pipe frame, the coating process will seal such isolated pinholes. A cold-weld metal filler may be a desired application on a small section and wrapped with a fiberglass resign to ensure a sturdy reinforced substrate. 

Pipe Cleaning

Internally the system must be thoroughly flushed and drained from all fluid and debris, followed by high velocity air flow to facilitate drying and removal of all moisture. 

The pipe surface shall be restored to substrate by sequentially passing a specific airborne abrading agent. The prepared surface preparation standard will be picked based on remaining wall thickness. The prep-surface shall be free of oil, dust. mill scale. oxides and other foreign material. 

NACE No. 1/SSPC-SP-5: White Metal Blast Cleaning

NACE No. 2/SSPC-SP-10: Near-White Commercial Blast Cleaning

NACE No. 3/SSPC-SP-6: Commercial Blast Cleaning


Internal pipe coating

The key to AIR VORTEX® is the advanced level of internal atmospheric control over temperature, Moisture, and velocity. Depending on the type of substrate and on the medium transported, the correct polymer is chosen.