We are Attested. We are here to serve clear evidence, to present with true authority, that our technology is genuinely proven to its claim.

Unique Coating Method

Almost all coating failures are due to improper: application procedures, surface preparation, or incorrect polymer selection. Cleaning and coating processes must be monitored and controlled constantly to ensure the best results. Since the Air Vortex® process is a closed system, air leaving the Vortex Machine is filtered, dried, and heated to allow for the perfect working environment. These environmental parameters are monitored and adapted, making this process the most scientifically sound and adaptive on the market.

Rapid Return to Service

Time is money, replacement is a nightmare. Removal, stencilling, and hot works are required to slide and navigate narrow conduits and pass-through bulkheads. Often finishings, and installed fixtures are dismantled, sometimes damaged, requiring expensive attention which also increases cost and down-time. It is safe to say that a vessels interiors and infrastructure are never the same after replacement is undertaken. 

We complete the project in a fraction of the time with no major disassembly. We upgrade aging pipe systems to extend their lifecycle, giving you more time at sea, less downtime for repairs and retaining the infrastructure value.

Ecological Advantage

Our carbon footprint is a fraction to replacement. Tonne(s) of pipe are not disposed of, No toxic chemicals are used, No manufacturing and logistics of new pipes, and no need to dismantle the vessel to get to the pipe systems. 

Pipe systems fill with debris, corrosion, and barnacles that decrease flow, leading to increased operating costs and wasted energy. Degrading pipe systems create leaks that can cause extensive damage to the environment. Corroded or clogged pipe systems are hazardous. 

All waste produced during our process is disposed of through our aggregate recover unit and filtered through a HEPA filter.


Enhanced Durability

The best of both worlds, you keep the already installed pipe system, renovated to assure continued operations. An evenly applied coating through connections ensures a sealed host pipe from further degradation caused through chemical reactions occurring from reactive medium flowing through the pipe system.